VanGuard Centrifuge Brochure

thumb hamilton bell centrifugeIntegral Aerosol and Splash Protection Minimizes Exposure to Infectious Disease

At the forefront of bench centrifugation technology, Hamilton Bell's VanGuard centrifuge incorporates the most advanced design in its class. The VanGuard centrifuge meets the needs of today's health care environment. When the transparent cover is closed, the VanGuard centrifuge provides aerosol and splash protection and permits visual inspection of the tubes. A special black and white symbol mounted on the motor cap, when used with a stroboscope, allows for easy periodic testing of motor RPM. For additional protection, when the cover is opened the power is automatically shut off. The VanGuard's protective design assures health care personnel of significantly reduced biohazard risk.
VanGuard centrifuges are ideal for use in diagnostic, clinical, biology and chemistry labs, and physicians' offices. The constant speed motor and electronics are built for long life, smooth performance, and reliability. The VanGuard develops relatively high speeds (up to 3500 RPM) combined with a fixed angle design for optimum and efficient separation of blood and materials of varying densities and high deposition rates. The structural foam housing and polycarbonate cover are secured to a steel base. The VanGuard centrifuge is backed by a full one year warranty.

New VanGuard V7000 Rotor

This new cast aluminum rotor is an essential part of every VanGuard centrifuge. This unique design includes a double "D" motor shaft that interlocks with the V7000 rotor. Designed for maximum strength and efficient performance, the V7000 rotor comes with its own LIFETIME WARRANTY.