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Student Molecular Model

Item Number 1200

Contents: (Atoms .75” diameter)

30 carbon (black)

30 hydrogen (white)

12 oxygen (red)

18 halogens (green)

5 nitrogen (orange)

5 sulphur (yellow)

Contents: (Bonds .125” diameter)

36 C-Hydrogen (1”)

15 C-Aromatic (1.125”)

36 C-Aliphatic (1.5”)

For studying structures of organic chemical compounds in three dimensional representations of molecules. Atoms are represented by colored wood balls. Coil springs, .125 “ in diameter represent multiple and cyclic valence bonds. The black carbon balls are so drilled as to allow formulation of the tetrahedron, permitting the showing of diasterioisomerism and enantiomerism of substances such as lactic and tartanic acid.

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