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Student Organic Structure Set

Item Number 1210

Contents: Atoms 10 carbon (black) 2 nitrogen (blue) 28 hydrogen (yellow) 6 oxygen (red)Contents: Atoms 10 carbon (black) 2 nitrogen (blue) 28 hydrogen (yellow) 6 oxygen (red)4 chlorine (green) 2 bromine (orange) 2 iodine (purple)

Contents:  BondsContents:  Bonds30 wood pegs (1.25”)10 wood pegs (2.125”)10 springs (2”)

For student use in the study of nomenclature, homology, and isomerism. Atoms are represented by colored balls, drilled to receive connecting bonds. Linkages of carbon to carbon, carbon to nitrogen, etc., are represented by 2.125” slotted wood dowels. Carbon to chlorine, carbon to hydrogen, or other substituent univalent groups are represented by 1.25” slotted wood dowels. Multiple bonds, ring structure linkage, flexible bonds, and unsaturated linkages are represented by 2” plated helical springs. Atoms representing carbon and nitrogen are 1.25” in diameter. All other atom representations are 1.125” in diameter.

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